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08 Sep I’ve been waiting for this day very long time ♥

I’ve been waiting for this day very long time ♥

I believe that there is nothing better than sitting in front of warm fireplace in cold winter evening watching your wedding photos all over again.

That is why Im so excited to be able to offer my future Brides this amazing Photo Album.

 Amazing news : album is included in a price of Gold Package!

It comes in a size of 20×20 cm with 10 pages ready to fill with your Wedding memories.

Mine contains 35 photos, but there is an opportunity to have some additional pages and bigger size if you would like to fit more.

You can personalize album adding your names and Wedding Date right on the front cover. Besides that you can design the color of cover to make it even more unique.

Album will be delivered in an elegant matching case. Plus you might order it with special USB drive  which will contain all your wedding photos.

Lets see the good stuff now:

With love,

Justyna ♥

Fancy do find out a little bit more about myself?

Read 10 random facts about me and see why I cry a lot. 😉

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Maternity photoshoot Vanilla Scent Photography pregnancy pregnant Warwickshire phootgrapher Stratford upon Avon Stratford upon Avon photography (9) rochelle

07 Aug Rochelle’s maternity photoshoot

Rochelle’s maternity photoshoot

Maternity photoshoot Vanilla Scent Photography pregnancy pregnant Warwickshire phootgrapher Stratford upon Avon Stratford upon Avon photography (10)

Taking pictures during maternity session is very special for me. Im taking part in one of the most important moments of mums to be life. Her life is just about to change in such a unique and beautiful way.

Recently I had a chance to take some photos of whole family of 3, daddy joined us as well.

Weather was quite challenging on the day of photoshoot (we had wind, rain, rainbow and sunshie as well). Well, lets face it : summer in Great Britain wasnt so great this year ;p
But either way we maide it and pictures turned out amazing!

So proud of all three of them.

In a couple of weeks youll see some more photos with baby girl Milan.


But for now, lets have a look how we spent one of Sundays aftrenoon :

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warwickshire phootgrapher vanilla scent photography paula & piotr

15 Jun Paula & Piotr engagement photos

Paula & Piotr engagement photos ♥

vanilla scent photography smile engagement photos warwickshire stratford upon avon

Well it all started in 2007 when me and Paula were at the same class in high school. I did not know Piotr back then but he seemed to be such a sweet guy – waiting for Paula outside of school with bouquet of roses.

High school sweethearts.

Years went by and they were always there for each other, caring and sharing. I know that this may sound silly but he was always treating her as a princess. (Paula way using this for her own advantage, well I do not blame her ;D)

When I was thinking about my future husband I always wanted to be treated like Paula was treated by Piotr. (I know Paula is probably shocked right now ;p)

One day when I met my prince and he was just like Piotr – I knew that he is the one. Paula was the very first to find out that we started being together. She was always up to date with everything and we were so happy for each other – being in great relationships.

Since then we started going out for double dates – best decision ever!

I remember when Paula texted me saying :

‘He finally did it!’

And at that moment my eyes where full of tears (yes, I am emotional!)

He proposed at the beach, when they were on holiday.  Engagement ring was just beautiful and I could not be more happy for them. So when they asked me to take their engagement photos I was over the moon!

Well, there is nothing more to say than we had so much fun and it was pure pleasure  for me to be able to capture those photos.

Now I simply cant wait for their BIG day when they will look into each other’s eyes and say  ‘I do’.

If you would like to see more engagement photos have a look HERE

Love you guys! ♥



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How to get the most of your wedding photographs?

03 May How to get the most of your wedding photographs?

How to get the most of your wedding photographs?

bride wedding photography warwickshire photographer vanilla scent photo

On your wedding day it will all be about you, cause let’s admit it – it’s all about the bride, am I right girls?                                                      

From my own experience, I know that it might be quite an overwhelming feeling and not all of the brides know how to handle it.

I’ll give you some of my tips and tricks to enjoy your big day and how to avoid being worried about a photographer running around you from very first thing in the morning.

Let’s say that you’ve picked your wedding photographer and you love her/his work. Now it would be the best for you to meet her/him for a chat even before signing the contract.

When you meet your potential wedding photographer it would be great to feel that kind of ‘sparkle’ between you two (three if your future hubby is there as well).

If the atmosphere is kind of awkward at your first meeting and it is hard to find common language it is sure that it will be the same at the wedding.

We dont want that, right?

So, when you’ve picked your photographer, singed the contract and felt really great spending time with her/him, now it’s time to think about scheduling your engagement session.

vanilla scent warwickshire stratford upon avon engagement session ring

Engagement session is so crucial.

Why? – you might ask.

Why? On the day of engagement session you are not as stressed as you will be on your wedding day. You get to know your wedding photographer more and you will get used to being photographed.

That is what an engagement session is all about – for you to get used to being in front of the camera and to connect with your photographer.

So when your wedding day comes you won’t feel as though some stranger is running around you with a camera like crazy. You will feel comfortable that, that is a person you know and who you can trust is making sure that all of your wedding memories are captured in the best way.

In my opinion, being a wedding photographer is not only about taking pictures. When I’m spending the best day of your life with you, I am not only your photographer, I am your stylist, therapist, timeline guard and friendly shoulder to help you around.

Don’t you think that having a friend who is there for you making sure everything is perfect (starting with removing lipstick marks on your teeth and ending with giving your mum a tissue when she cant stop her tears of joy) is the right decision to make?

I wish I would have known about all of that when I was getting married, but at least I can give you some tips to make your day even more special!

I hope that your big day will be as amazing as you’ve dreamed about it!

With love,

Justyna ♥

smile couple shoot warwickshire vanilla scent photography

Fancy do find out a little bit more about myself?

Read 10 random facts about me and see why I cry a lot. 😉

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couple shoot vanilla scent nikita and sam

14 Apr Nikita & Sam couple session

Nikita & Sam

warwickshire vanilla scent photography

The season of engagement and couple sessions has just started and I cant wait to shoot all my georeous couples!

Recently I had a chance to spend an afternoon with Sam and Nikita ♥
That session was really special to me, cause I knew them for a while now.

We had so much fun walking around Stratford upon Avon and enjoying this beautiful sunny day.

When Im looking at their photos I feel like I need to update my private husband – wife gallery ;D
Seriously I cant stop watchitng their pohtos over and over again!

Thank you Sam and Nikita for making my job so easy and so funny <3


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maternity sessnion why when how

16 Mar All you need to know about maternity session

All you need to know about maternity session

maternity sessnion why when how

Why pregnancy pictures are important?

  • Maternity photos are not just about bump. It is all about celebrating the baby you’re about to meet ♥
  • Life as you know it will never be the same, new baby will bring many changes. Being pregnant is an amazing time to capture new chapter of your life
  • If you don’t feel that ‘maternity glow’ but you are tired and swollen I will make sure that during our session you will feel beautiful and attractive
  • Maternity session can be a great way to reveal your baby’s gender or/and child’s name
  • You can make you pregnancy pictures even more personal doing a lifestyle shoot at your home
  • No one regrets getting pregnancy pictures, but many regrets not having them
  • Its an excuse to be pampered. You will have hair and make up done to make sure that you feel gorgeous
  • And finally – your boy or girl will love those photos later

When to get maternity photos taken?

Well in my opinion it all depends on how you feel.
The best time to shoot your bump is about 32 weeks and later.
Its because your baby is quite big and you still feel comfortable.
But there is no general rule, as long your bump is visible you’re ready to go
Although the bigger belly the better pictures will be so keep that in mind.

How to get ready for shoot?

* prepare some comfortable clothes that show off your bump
* appropriate underwear really matters
* decide which accessorizes are important for you
* think about locations you would like to shoot in and look you would like to achieve
* consider including daddy-to-be in your experience

* relax, smile and I will take care of the rest

If you are still have any questions feel free to contact me


With love,


maternity photoshoot pregnancy vanilla scent photography i love you2
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baby bump vanilla scent photography

11 Mar Angela baby bump pictures

Angela baby bump pictures

DSC_5690 nosek

Since I knew that Angela was pregnant I could not wait to see her and her belly.

Although I am Warwickshire based photographer I decided to fly over to Poland and capture that miraculous time of her life.

This maternity session was even more special to me because I have known her whole family for over 18 years now.

Me and Angelas sister practically grew up together, sharing so many amazing memories.

That is why I was so excited to for this occasion and right now I am even more excited for May when I will meet baby Kornelia for the first time !

Me and Angela decided to do maternity shoot mostly inside of her nursery room.

It was quite chilly outside but we decided to go out and shoot some amazing portraits in the snow as well.

Let me tell you, it was really cold!

Photos turned out really great and we spent such a nice morning together. Lets now start counting down for adorable baby photos in May!

But right now, enjoy watching photos of this cute bump.

If you are still wondering why pregnancy pictures are important or if you have any questions about maternity session this blog post might be helpful for you.


With love,


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