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07 Aug Rochelle’s maternity photoshoot

Rochelle’s maternity photoshoot

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Taking pictures during maternity session is very special for me. Im taking part in one of the most important moments of mums to be life. Her life is just about to change in such a unique and beautiful way.

Recently I had a chance to take some photos of whole family of 3, daddy joined us as well.

Weather was quite challenging on the day of photoshoot (we had wind, rain, rainbow and sunshie as well). Well, lets face it : summer in Great Britain wasnt so great this year ;p
But either way we maide it and pictures turned out amazing!

So proud of all three of them.

In a couple of weeks youll see some more photos with baby girl Milan.


But for now, lets have a look how we spent one of Sundays aftrenoon :

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