how it all started vanilla scent photography

08 Feb How it all started

how it all started vanilla scent photography

How it all started?

My beginning.

Once upon a time there was a girl who had no idea that one trip would change her life…

Actually that story is short and sweet so once upon a time fits here perfectly.

Remember being sooooo excited for my high school trip to Paris.

My mom was saving money for the entire year to make sure that I will be able to enjoy my very first trip outside of my motherland. It was so sweet of her and such a huge sacrifice, I really appreciate that amazing gesture of her.

Thanks to my mum and dad (he bought our first camera) I could explore Paris in the best possible way.

During summer 2009 I feel in love with France and photography. It is not even possible to describe how inspiring it was walking the narrow streets of this incredible city. This amazing feeling that you own the world, that you have the power do to anything you want!

To be honest with you guys it might sound like a clichés but all they are saying about Paris its true! I have no idea what it is about but you could literally feel the love in the air…

There is no better way to switch on your creativity than being around inspiring people. Being around beautiful buildings and art in the purest possible form.

Well, I think that during that summer something has changed in my way of seeing the world. It felt like someone pressed the button saying: Yes, you found it!

I didn’t know it back then that photography is my way of sharing the things I’ve never been able to say. Way of sharing emotions so amazing I’ve never been able to describe.

Right now when I’m watching photos from Paris memories are coming back. Thanks to them I can still remind myself that creativity and desire to achieving things are just hiding in ourselves.

Finding the way to unlock my passion was one of the best days in my life.


Thank you 2009, I owe you so much!

my beginning

Have you ever had this feeling that you can conquer the world?


With love ♡


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10 random facts about me

19 Jan 10 random facts about me

10 random facts about me

Ok guys, now it will get really personal…

I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy reading all those 10 points.

I need to admit that it was quite hard to choose only 10 things to write about. I would like to list many more, but I decided to keep this post short and sweet for you.

Ok, let’s get started then!

1. I’ve been married for two years now

and I can say that with confidence : That was the best decision I’ve ever made. He is my main inspiration, foot masseur and personal chef. What else do we really need girls?

warwickshire wedding photographer about me

Photo credit : Swietliste

2. I love traveling.

This is the thing that keeps me going, keeps me inspired. The most exotic place me and my husband visited is Mexico (twice, we loved it that much). The greatest thing about Mexico is that you can meet all the exotic animals hanging out just next to you.

warwickshire wedding photography vanilla scent about me

3. We don’t owe a dog or a cat like normal couple would do.

But we owe an adorable lizard, he loves falling asleep under the blanket lying on my chest. Isn’t that sweet?

And his beard is changing color to black when he is angry. Strange but useful feature, right?

vanilla scent about me

4. I loooove singing and dancing

When I’m at home, ALONE 😉 I was obsessed with cha-cha-cha dance when I was in high school (I still remember the basic moves).

5. I’m that kind of person who is crazy about paying attention to details.

(I spent whole day designing my business card – yes, it’s the size of bank card, but ohhh man I love my business card. You need to touch it! I know that it sounds at least weird, but trust me, feeling is simply amazing).

6. I’m that type of girl who cries practically on all type of movies

(including horrors). Who else is crying out of fear – hands up, so I wont feel like I’m the only one.

7. I’ve had braces for almost 3 years.

That was my number 1. dream and it came true! Such an amazing feeling to smile right now :)

stratford upon avon wedding photography vanilla scent

8. I have a tradition of watching all series of Friends TV Show

once a year. It never gets boring ;)

9. I used to write journals since I was a little girl.

I’ve always loved writing, being creative. I keep going back to those journals, reading all my hear melting stories – like first time falling in love. These notebooks are the best souvenir I could ever have from my childhood.

10. When I was a teenager I used to listen to metal and rock music.

Most of my clothes were black, even my nails were black from time to time. Just to prove it, you can see comparison : Justyna aged 16 and Justyna aged 25.

vanilla scent photography comparison

I’d like to get to know you better as well! Please leave a comment and share with me a random fact about yourself!


With love ♡


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