Kind words


Poppy and Max

Would definitely recommend!

Justyna is amazing!! She is so passionate about her job and will ensure photos are perfect! We loved every minute of the photoshoot, it was so enjoyable and relaxed. Justyna has some brilliant ideas and good eye for detail. We absolutely love all of our photos and can’t wait to show them off! Thank you so much and we look forward to working with you again in the future!


Nikita and Sam

Justyna isnt just an amazing photographer, shes also a great friend to have.

Me and my partner decided we wanted to do our first professional photoshoot as a couple, it was easy to choose the photographer, it had to be Justyna!

Ive seen her work and seen the reviews from other customers, Justyna really is talented and has a good eye when it comes to capturing beautiful memories/photographs. I’ve known justyna for years after working with her, so both me and my partner didnt feel uncomfortable during the whole shoot, justyna is truly amazing and kind hearted.

She made the experience incredible and we both felt so relaxed and comfortable being ourselves. We went all over stratford and no matter where it was justyna always had a great imagination when it came to shooting the images, she truly captured me and my partners effection for eachother, for that we cannot thank her enough.

I highly reccomend her!

Thank you Justyna, the photos you took are amazing and i will always treasure them❤

kind words amber


I would highly recommend her fantastic work!

Having known Justyna for a few years now, it is blatantly obvious that her love, passion and drive for photography is what makes her who she is. I have had the absolute pleasure of joining her for several shoots now and each and every time she makes you feel so comfortable, confident and beautiful. She just keeps getting better and better. Never settling for anything less than perfection. This results in some truly spectacular images. The talent that this girl possess is so unique and inspiring that I would never think twice about booking her for many more shoots to come! It’s rare to find someone with such a high level of organisational skills and Justyna uses this to her advantage and ploughs everything that she has into her miraculous profession.

Kind words Agata and Wojtek

Agata and Wojtek

Thank you Vanilla Scent Photography and we hope that one day we will meet again!

Working with that photographer was a pure pleasure and great fun! Justyna can remarkably reduce your stress. She gave us clear tips so our posing was effortless and natural. With lots of ideas she was able to capture the tiniest detail which can create that ‘real magic’. All the photographs she took are decorating our apartment. Every time we look at them they make us smile and remind of September afternoon we spent together.

Kind words Ola


I can highly recommend her!

Justyna is such a creative and patient professional. During our session I felt like two girls met for a cup of coffee, so comfortable and ease.

Kind words Ola and Pawel

Ola and Pawel

Best cooperation!

Justyna commemorated our whole wedding ceremony in a very professional manner. We and our guests feel comfortable thanks to her friendly approach. The photos are stunning, because Justyna has a lot of ideas and cares at the same time about the aesthetics. You can count on a lot of her advices.

Kind words Magda and Piotr

Magda and Piotr

Lots of laugh and great atmosphere!

Justyna is such a friendly person that we didn’t feel under any pressure when posing 😉 Our wedding photo session was very spontaneous and laid-back. Lots of laughs and a great atmosphere. Pictures are stunning, very artistic and perfectly show how we felt on that day.
We would love to say a huge thank you to Justyna and we can strongly recommend her.
Kind words Eve


Justyna was a lovely photographer to work with.

She is someone who really takes her time and consideration to focus on her passion, to create something beautiful and memorable. You can put your comfort and trust in her to create wonderful pictures, and if you happen to be her model for a photoshoot, she makes you feel very welcome and beautiful. She will go to lengths to make sure she is creating the perfect atmosphere for you, and is just as passionate and involved in you and the outcome of the pictures as much as you are yourself. Knowing her also as a colleague and friend, I can tell you she cares deeply for this specific field of photography and works tremendously hard. Justyna is open to your opinion and what your vision may be, whilst still maintaining her signature look of soft femininity and love.

Kind words Catherine


Her photography is beautiful and I definitely recommend her if you’re in the local area!

I had a great experience working with Justyna, as it was my first shoot I was a little nervous but she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed!

Kind words Angela


“I discovered that a camera can’t express soul, but the person who is taking photos can.” Ansel Adams

Justyna creates such a relaxing atmosphere while taking photos that anybody who doesn’t like being in front of camera wont mind it at all. Her mixture of passion and creativity produces amazing photographs and happy customers (including myself ;)) I couldn’t recommend her enough!