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03 May How to get the most of your wedding photographs?

How to get the most of your wedding photographs?

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On your wedding day it will all be about you, cause let’s admit it – it’s all about the bride, am I right girls?                                                      

From my own experience, I know that it might be quite an overwhelming feeling and not all of the brides know how to handle it.

I’ll give you some of my tips and tricks to enjoy your big day and how to avoid being worried about a photographer running around you from very first thing in the morning.

Let’s say that you’ve picked your wedding photographer and you love her/his work. Now it would be the best for you to meet her/him for a chat even before signing the contract.

When you meet your potential wedding photographer it would be great to feel that kind of ‘sparkle’ between you two (three if your future hubby is there as well).

If the atmosphere is kind of awkward at your first meeting and it is hard to find common language it is sure that it will be the same at the wedding.

We dont want that, right?

So, when you’ve picked your photographer, singed the contract and felt really great spending time with her/him, now it’s time to think about scheduling your engagement session.

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Engagement session is so crucial.

Why? – you might ask.

Why? On the day of engagement session you are not as stressed as you will be on your wedding day. You get to know your wedding photographer more and you will get used to being photographed.

That is what an engagement session is all about – for you to get used to being in front of the camera and to connect with your photographer.

So when your wedding day comes you won’t feel as though some stranger is running around you with a camera like crazy. You will feel comfortable that, that is a person you know and who you can trust is making sure that all of your wedding memories are captured in the best way.

In my opinion, being a wedding photographer is not only about taking pictures. When I’m spending the best day of your life with you, I am not only your photographer, I am your stylist, therapist, timeline guard and friendly shoulder to help you around.

Don’t you think that having a friend who is there for you making sure everything is perfect (starting with removing lipstick marks on your teeth and ending with giving your mum a tissue when she cant stop her tears of joy) is the right decision to make?

I wish I would have known about all of that when I was getting married, but at least I can give you some tips to make your day even more special!

I hope that your big day will be as amazing as you’ve dreamed about it!

With love,

Justyna ♥

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