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16 Mar All you need to know about maternity session

All you need to know about maternity session

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Why pregnancy pictures are important?

  • Maternity photos are not just about bump. It is all about celebrating the baby you’re about to meet ♥
  • Life as you know it will never be the same, new baby will bring many changes. Being pregnant is an amazing time to capture new chapter of your life
  • If you don’t feel that ‘maternity glow’ but you are tired and swollen I will make sure that during our session you will feel beautiful and attractive
  • Maternity session can be a great way to reveal your baby’s gender or/and child’s name
  • You can make you pregnancy pictures even more personal doing a lifestyle shoot at your home
  • No one regrets getting pregnancy pictures, but many regrets not having them
  • Its an excuse to be pampered. You will have hair and make up done to make sure that you feel gorgeous
  • And finally – your boy or girl will love those photos later

When to get maternity photos taken?

Well in my opinion it all depends on how you feel.
The best time to shoot your bump is about 32 weeks and later.
Its because your baby is quite big and you still feel comfortable.
But there is no general rule, as long your bump is visible you’re ready to go
Although the bigger belly the better pictures will be so keep that in mind.

How to get ready for shoot?

* prepare some comfortable clothes that show off your bump
* appropriate underwear really matters
* decide which accessorizes are important for you
* think about locations you would like to shoot in and look you would like to achieve
* consider including daddy-to-be in your experience

* relax, smile and I will take care of the rest

If you are still have any questions feel free to contact me


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