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11 Mar Angela baby bump pictures

Angela baby bump pictures

DSC_5690 nosek

Since I knew that Angela was pregnant I could not wait to see her and her belly.

Although I am Warwickshire based photographer I decided to fly over to Poland and capture that miraculous time of her life.

This maternity session was even more special to me because I have known her whole family for over 18 years now.

Me and Angelas sister practically grew up together, sharing so many amazing memories.

That is why I was so excited to for this occasion and right now I am even more excited for May when I will meet baby Kornelia for the first time !

Me and Angela decided to do maternity shoot mostly inside of her nursery room.

It was quite chilly outside but we decided to go out and shoot some amazing portraits in the snow as well.

Let me tell you, it was really cold!

Photos turned out really great and we spent such a nice morning together. Lets now start counting down for adorable baby photos in May!

But right now, enjoy watching photos of this cute bump.

If you are still wondering why pregnancy pictures are important or if you have any questions about maternity session this blog post might be helpful for you.


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