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I wasn’t that lucky person who knew from the very beginning, what I wanted to do, what I’m passionate about. I decided to choose a ‘safe profession’ which was in my opinion accountancy. After two years of studding it I dropped it and left university.

I gave myself time to think about what I love and looked deep into my soul.

In the meantime, I met my best friend and my soul mate. He believed in me and believed in my creativity. My husband motivated me and gave me a gift which changed my whole life. Since then I knew that photography was my life, my passion.

So I let myself dream out loud. As a result I’m lucky to say that I love my job. It’s wonderful when you can combine your pleasure and business into one.
Why wedding photography, you ask?

I’ve always had such a romantic soul and because of that I’m fascinated by love and people. I’m more than privileged to capture such fleeting memories. I feel so honored to be there with you on your big day to capture all those candid moments , which you will keep forever.

Because that’s what it is all about, right?

My style of photography is timeless, natural and subtle. I love natural light and that softness which it creates. That is why I’ve decided to name my business ‘Vanilla Scent’. My pictures are sweet and delicate such as vanilla.

Fancy do find out a little bit more about myself?

Read 10 random facts about me and see what kind of pet do we owe which changes his color from time to time.

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